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Crystal clear water achieved without draining this swimming pool.

It is a question we get asked all the time especially when calcium hardness and total dissolved solids continue to rise in the swimming pool. When the combination of the both of those rise it can be more challenging to take care of a swimming pool…not to mention calcium staining on the water tile line, the liner and the pumps and filters. In the past several years we have filtered numerous swimming pools using our mobile filtration system “PuriPool Process” and have saved more than 13 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. The PuriPool Process gives swimming pool owners an alternative to draining their swimming pools when water gets harder to control. Since we started, we now have dealerships in Dallas Texas, Lake Havasu City Arizona and plan to expand to other cities as well.

Recently, we were called out to a residential swimming pool with a volume of 20,000 gallons of water. The total dissolved solids and calcium hardness was rising in the water and it was suggested that they drain the swimming pool which would not only waste 20,000 gallons of water but also another 20,000 gallons to fill it up with moderately hard water from the tap.

Initial Chemistry

Total Dissolved Solids – 3908 PPM

Calcium Hardness – 870 PPM

Total Alkalinity – 160

After filtering this swimming pool for 16 hours we were able to conserve 85% of the water and leave them with the following end results:

Total Dissolved Solids – 670 PPM

Calcium Hardness – 140 PPM

Total Alkalinity – 70



Last week, Governor Brown declared that California is in a drought emergency.  The announcement came out on January 17th because California is on record to have the driest January on record.  When you read the article and watch the video the same discussion seems to happen all the time. If you have grass…switch to desert landscaping and cut back on your water usage by 20%. Do these ideas make sense? Sure they do because it’s the most commonly thought of plan when it’s time to save water. About 5 years ago we knew this was going to happen. It was pretty obvious that California was heading down this path but as usual the emergency always happens and they want residents to make changes right away.

Why not have people in place that are forward thinkers? Why not listen to some of the business ideas that are out there that can truly make a difference? There are a ton of water conservation ideas out there which include washing cars only on certain days, watering your lawn only on specific days, the dual flush toilet along with others. Well, the biggest question that we feel needs to be answered is why not think about the largest body of water in a majority of peoples backyards? Yes folks we are talking about swimming pools that average 20,000 gallons of water in them. It’s not rocket science to think that they use a ton of water. So why not implement pool covers to save water? Why not make it a requirement to test your swimming pool for leaks every year? In the end it always comes down to washing cars and the landscaping.

Are we biased? Maybe but the statistics prove themselves. On a small budget, not a lot of marketing and no support from the state we have conserved more than 10 million gallons of water in California over the last 5 years. Due to the hard water, it’s recommended to drain your swimming pool every two years to prevent long term damage to the swimming pool and equipment from calcium buildup. We designed a mobile filtration system that is an alternative to draining pools. It recycles swimming pool water and returns the water to the pool in a much better state than tap water. If the state put a moratorium on draining pools, think about how much water we would save? Is it only us or does this make sense to you too?


Who doesn’t want a sparkling clean pool without having to do it yourself?

It has been a little over five years since Pool Services Technologies opened its doors in the San Diego area. We initially started out with our unique “PuriPool Process” which is an alternative to draining swimming pools due to high hardness levels in the swimming pool. Bruce Wettstein who is the President of Pool Services Technologies has been building swimming pools for quite sometime which we implemented and then finally we opened an eCommerce division as well. These three divisions have been doing extremely well and we are happy with the growth but it always seemed like something was missing.  What that is you might ask??? Well, in the beginning, weekly pool service and maintenance was not on our immediate radar but after numerous requests from current customers it seemed like the most logical division to open up next.

From a marketing aspect, it makes perfect sense. Constantly being in backyards with swimming pools keeps us in the forefront of our customer’s mind and since we have a variety of services the goal is to gain their trust so we can take care of all aspects of their swimming pool. Not to mention we were regularly getting requests from our current “PuriPool” customers on why we didn’t offer weekly service and maintenance? As of right now we are just servicing swimming pools in the San Diego area. The following is a list of services that are included in our weekly service:

  1. Brushing the tile line and sides of the swimming pool
  2. Brushing the steps, islands, benches and love seats
  3. Removal of all debris on the surface of the pool and on the floor as well
  4. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  5. Checking water chemistry
  6. Adjusting all chemicals that are necessary
  7. Visual inspection of all filter equipment and pumps/motors in search for leaks.
  8. Backwash as necessary
Brushing the walls of the swimming pool

Brushing the walls of the swimming pool

As a company that prides itself on a higher level of water chemistry knowledge this plays a vital role in making sure the swimming pool is operating at its best at all times. This also allows us to make any suggestions necessary when the pool is not operating at maximum efficiency. Our knowledge goes beyond just chemistry and we have the ability to make repairs to all swimming pool equipment as well. PSTPools considers itself to be the VIP in pool service by providing you will all the services necessary to feel safe when hiring us so in the end you can use your swimming pool for what it was intended for…..swimming!

Skimming a swimming pool for leaves and other debris.

Skimming a swimming pool for leaves and other debris.

With that said, if you want a clean swimming pool with properly adjusted chemistry along with the best quality of water at all times then please give us a call today.


By recycling this pool we have now conserved more than 10 million gallons of water.

By recycling this pool we have now conserved more than 10 million gallons of water.

Even though we started recycling swimming pool water 5 years ago it never ceases to amaze us how we’ve grown. Due to the drought conditions in our area we knew there was a need for water conservation but the only concern we had was how well homeowners and commercial properties would receive it? It’s pretty safe to say that those concerns are over as we hit a major milestone this past week. Our mobile filtration system officially recycled 10 million gallons of swimming pool water and we are extremely excited about that total in 5 years.

In the Southwest U.S. our fill (tap) water is extremely hard and loaded with calcium as well as other hardness minerals. This poses many problems for those that own swimming pools. As the water evaporates in the swimming pool the hardness minerals stay behind and remain in solution. When they get to a certain level the calcium starts staining the tiles, the surface of the swimming pool and cause an increase in chemical usage. For the longest time, the only solution was to drain your swimming pool and start over. Even though this seems logical, the fill water is already hard so it only slightly helps the issue. Not to mention, it wastes on average 15,000 gallons of water or more.

By hiring us we run the water through a series of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, which removes calcium and other hardness minerals leaving the swimming pool owner with water that is fit to drink. It’s also the largest water conservation project that a homeowner can do. By our constant education, social media presence and advertising it has allowed us to filter a variety of residential swimming pools as well as commercial pools too.

We feel that we are the only solution to removing hardness minerals from swimming pools and that our filtration system should be used every 2 years. Our goal is to manufacture these mobile filtration trailers so others around the country can do this too. We feel that conserving 10 million gallons of water is extremely exciting but also feel strongly that it’s just the beginning.

If you’re interested in seeing how this process is done, you can watch this short 2-minute video about the “PuriPool” process.

Your support is vital to us. Water is one of nature’s most precious resource and we feel strongly about our service. Hopefully with these types of numbers our business will continue to be recognized as one of the leaders in water conservation.

A pool that we recycled instead of drained.

A pool that we recycled and conserved roughly 40,000 gallons of water.

As fall approaches in the swimming pool industry the amount of people that drain their swimming pools due to hard water issues increases substantially. When outside temperatures drop below 90 degrees it’s safer to drain a swimming pool because the chances of cracking the foundation due to heat lowers. In the Southwest where the fill water is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals it’s recommended to change out your water every 1-2 years to prevent calcium staining on the tile, walls of the pool and the destroying of filters and pumps.

If you’re not familiar with hard water, it runs rampant throughout the Southwest and ruins not only swimming pools but decorative water features in the house as well. It’s literally a nightmare especially if you’re not prepared for it. In the swimming pool industry you will hear terms like your total dissolved solids are too high, the solids in your pool water are too high or the calcium in your swimming pool water is too high and it’s time to drain it. That’s the stigma that we’re trying to change at Pool Services Technologies and we hope it catches on everywhere. About 5 years ago we developed a mobile filtration trailer that would recycle swimming pool water with the hopes that you would never have to drain your pool again. We’re primarily working in the San Diego area and are creeping up on a total of 10 million gallons conserved. During this time we’ve also put together a dealership model which has gained interest across the U.S. and world. If you’re curious as to how it works, you can watch this short 2-minute video.

Our mobile filtration trailer

Our mobile filtration trailer

The bottom line is there are options out there when it’s time to change out your swimming pool water and with water being scarce in many places we feel our service is the only option. Some of the benefits of our mobile filtration service (PuriPool) are:

  • Quicker than a drain and refill
  • Saves time, money and water
  • Leaves you with better water than what’s coming out of the tap
  • Increases the lifespan of the pool, pumps and other equipment

We are extremely passionate about sustainability and feel this option is the right way to go for many reasons. So we ask that the next time someone says you need to drain your pool, please remember that “PuriPool” is the best option.

Spillway loaded with calcium

Spillway loaded with calcium

So you just spent a lot of money on your backyard swimming pool with decorative tile or water features. It’s your dream pool and gives you the opportunity to host pool parties, BBQ’s and just a way to cool off in the warm summer temperatures. As the months go by you start noticing a white ring on the tile water line and scaling on the decorative water feature. What is it and why is it there? Suddenly your gorgeous swimming pool is an eyesore that no matter what you do, you see it everywhere. This is a frustrating issue that swimming pool owners deal with in the Southwest and Southern United States. It’s calcium and other hardness minerals in the fill water and there is no way to prevent it from coming into your pool.

Unfortunately, when individuals build swimming pools they are not made aware of this problem before it appears. Typically, you will see it on the water features and spill ways before the tile line, if they are in use. As water splashes the tile and rock formations it is left out to dry in the scorching summer heat, and when it dries you will see white flakes that build up over time. The more you run the water feature or spill ways the worse it gets; whether the tile is sealed or not. As it continues to build up, it gets thicker, thus making it impossible to remove without professional help.

As water evaporates in the swimming pool the calcium and other hardness minerals stay in the pool. In a perfect world, swimming pool water wants to be between 200-400 parts per million (ppm) calcium hardness. As these numbers rise the water will constantly try to rid itself of calcium by attaching it to the liner, tile line, plumbing and equipment. At this point changing out the water is necessary.

Calcium along the water line in a pebble tech pool

Calcium along the water line in a pebble tech pool

The following options can help rid calcium in the pool

  • Hire a tile cleaner to clean the tile, rocks and spill ways. If this is done, changing out the water is crucial or it will come back in a couple of weeks.
  • Buy a sequestering agent which binds up the calcium but keeps it in solution.
  • Drain the pool and refill it with hard tap water.
  • Recycle it…giving you the best quality of water to start with.

If you are faced with this problem, pool stores will usually sell you a pumice stone to scrape the calcium off, but chances are after 15 minutes you will be exhausted with nothing to show for it. They will also tell you to drain your swimming pool which is definitely a good option because at least the water will be better than what is in there now. But, in our opinion the best option is hiring a tile cleaner to get rid of it, recycle the swimming pool water after the job is completed and finally get educated on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

If it all possible, diminish the use of the water features or spillways and remember to change out the water every two years. If you decide to run the water features, try to do it at night without direct sunlight or dry everything off after each use. To prevent long term damage to the liner, plumbing and equipment, recycling the swimming pool water is crucial to keeping the best quality of water in the pool at all times.

Crystal clear water fit to drink

Crystal clear water fit to drink

It’s a common theme and something we hear all the time….our water is old, it’s loaded with calcium, it’s impossible to get chemical readings and everyone says, “It’s time to change the water in your pool.” For the longest time when these issues occurred draining a pool was the only option but that has changed in a positive way. Recycling your swimming pool water is a great alternative to draining a pool and provides the swimming pool owner a much better end product. This past week we received a call from a potential customer who was having problems with getting chlorine readings and the amount of calcium staining the tile was an eyesore. It’s commonplace for customers to ask, “how do I get calcium out of my pool?” This is a big problem because our fill water in the southwest is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals which cause total dissolved solids to rise in the swimming pools. When this happens it’s definitely time to change the water.

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24,000 gallon pool after being recycled.

24,000 gallon pool after being recycled.

Interestingly enough, calcium is essential for your pool to keep the liner intact but in parts of the United States there is an issue of having too much calcium in the water. In some parts of the country they actually sell calcium because it’s recommended to have no less than 200 parts per million (ppm) in the pool. If that happens it can actually cause issues with the structure of the swimming pool. Typically you might even hear the words, “leaching of the plaster” which basically means it’s deteriorating. On the west coast the thought of adding calcium to swimming pools is baffling because our fill water is loaded with calcium.

It’s extremely common to hear how do I get all this excess calcium out of my pool, what is the white line on my tile or why does my pool use so much chlorine. See, our fill water is from the Colorado River which carves its way through the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is loaded with limestone which in turn causes our water to be filled with calcium and other hardness minerals. Depending on where you live the hardness in the water can be anywhere from 250ppm, 750ppm or higher. This issue ends up causing major issues if you own a swimming pool. Calcium actually stains the liner, causes a thick band on the water line tile, begins to build up in the plumbing as well as the pool equipment which actually decreases the life span. As water evaporates in the pool the hardness minerals stay behind and overtime they continue to build up which is why it’s most visible around the water tile line. As calcium builds up it acts like a sponge and sucks up chlorine at a very high rate causing cloudy water, potential for algae growth or burning eyes and skin due to high chlorine levels to keep the water clear.

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Solar Repair Kits

Solar Repair Kits

Back in 2009 we opened our doors and primarily only offered a service for recycling swimming pool water. Over the past four years we have conserved more than 8 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. This has put us on the map not only as swimming pool experts but a leader in water conservation ideas. Sustainability is something we believe in and because of that we want to offer products on our eCommerce site that fit this mold too.

As a recycler of swimming pool water, we are always looking for other ways to be “green” in the backyard. With that said, we started an eCommerce site several years ago and primarily sell products that fit this mold as well as other popular products in the swimming pool industry. Depending on where in the country you live having a pool heater is extremely popular to maximize the amount of time you can swim in your pool. One way to make it more eco-friendly is to install a FAFCO Solar Pool Heater. It can keep your pool heated year round and save you money on your electric bill compared to a standard pool heater. The bottom line is solar energy is free, clean and a perfect way to heat your pool water.

However, sometimes the panels will leak and the repair kit can fix them in a few simple steps. The FAFCO Solar Repair Kit is essential to have. Our price is extremely competitive and since the leaks can be repaired with four simple steps it’s a kit you want to have in case a leak should happen to prevent any downtime with your swimming pool.


20,000 gallon swimming pool with extremely high calcium levels.

20,000 gallon swimming pool with extremely high calcium levels.

Calcium, which is found in our water in the southern United States can really cause havoc if you own a swimming pool. If you’re a swimming pool owner it’s good to have some calcium in the pool (200-400 parts per million) but what happens when it goes above 400ppm? In the southwest our fill water comes from the Colorado River which carves its way through the Grand Canyon and is loaded with limestone. During this time it picks up calcium and other hardness minerals which makes our water extremely hard. Overtime, as the water evaporates in the pool the hardness minerals stay behind and build up. Typically swimming pool owners see the buildup on the liner, water line on the tile and fountains/water features. The calcium which is naked to the human eye is also building up in the plumbing, pumps and filters. When this number gets extremely high (above 800ppm) it can cause cloudiness in the water and bind up the chemicals in the pool which can lead to a green pool. Calcium literally acts like a sponge and sucks up chlorine.

At this point the swimming pool owner has several options….

1. Drain the pool which most swimming pool stores will recommend

2. Recycle the swimming pool water

The bottom line is when you drain a pool it can take 3 or more days depending on the size of the pool, it wastes on average 30,000 gallons of water or more and your fill water is already high in calcium. The best option is to recycle the swimming pool water which is an alternative to draining the pool. We’ve developed a mobile filtration system that purifies the swimming pool water by removing the hardness minerals and other contaminates leaving you with the best water possible in your pool (fit to drink). The entire process is done on sight, takes less than 24 hours on most standard size pools, is competitive in price and allows you to conserve 85% of the existing water in the pool. The entire process in self-contained (we run on our own power), quieter than your pool motor and keeps your pool looking great if it’s done every 2-3 years. Studies have shown that our clients chemical usage has gone down, it’s prevented calcium buildup on the water line and overall they love the quality of the water.

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