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Vietnam Memorial 001

It was an honor that we couldn’t refuse and something we are extremely happy to be a part of. We were asked to help build a Vietnam Memorial and for us it was an amazing gesture of our support to be a part of something this great! Unfortunately, numerous families lost loved ones due to Vietnam. A local family has worked tirelessly for decades to create a memorial for their son and brother as well as for all others that made the ultimate sacrifice. Because of their effort, the memorial is being built and there will be a “soft opening” on Saturday, April 9th with the dedication happening on April 24th.


Memorial Fountain Construction

“In May 2000, Carl, a Vista developer, donated a 3/4-acre parcel of land at Guajome and Mercantile streets to the city of Vista with the agreement it would be used for the war memorial park. In 2011, the city, lacking the funding for development, offered to swap the Guajome street parcel with a 40,000-square-foot property that sits between the train tracks and South Santa Fe Avenue near the newly built Paseo Pointe apartment complex. The Paseo Point developers agreed to build and maintain the lushly landscaped park. The project which will feature a life-size bronze statue of a serviceman reading a letter from home and will be lined with paving stones engraved with passages from letters to home from Vietnam. These were written by Ernie and other North County servicemen and women. A rendition of the memorial was under a canopy pinned to the chain link fence that surrounds the site where the memorial will be constructed. The rendition shows the bronze statue by Oregon sculptor Rip Caswell that the family commissioned. The bronze figure of a young soldier will be seated near a waterfall and pond. The one foot will dangle in the pond. The most unique attribute will be the paving stones that will be engraved with letter excerpts and randomly placed along the walkways.”

Building this fountain is a great honor of ours. To be involved with this great cause has been extremely rewarding and we look forward to the full dedication on April 24th. If you are interested in reading the full article about the memorial and dedication click HERE!



That’s a great question and we are happy that you asked! If you own a swimming pool company and are looking to expand, than operating a Puripool Mobile Filtration Trailer could be a great choice for you! If you live in an area where water conservation or water quality is in the news and want to offer a revolutionary service that can make a huge impact in drought stricken areas than this is definitely for you! For the last seven years we have been recycling swimming pool water in the San Diego area by offering a service that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes to lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, phosphates, salts and so much more. Depending on where you live, you are going to need to deal with one of them and typically it is recommended to drain a pool and start over with fresh water. Although this is one way of combating the problem, it isn’t the smartest thing to do especially when water conservation is at an all time high. That is why we designed the “Puripool Process” and have put together a service provider model for you!

The process of starting your own Puripool™ Mobile Filtration business is easier than you think! If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, along with the combination of our help, you can succeed easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Add this service to your existing pool company, service work, or run it has a stand­alone business; the choice is yours!

Pure Water Industries a dba of Pool Services Technologies… currently has two trailers available for purchase, as well as equipment financing with Envision Capital. The trailers are easy to set up, and work without supervision, so you can go do other things. They are configured to text your phone when they are done, so there is no guesswork about when to go back, and they shut down once the process is complete. The 16 ft. trailer houses a RO unit that can filter up to 20,000 gallons of water per day and the 18 ft. unit can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water per day. With our latest technology you are able to work with the RO unit even when you’re not there by way of your phone, tablet or computer. It has made this process fun, exciting and a great way to lower solid levels in a swimming pool without draining it!

Pure Water Industries presents an outstanding business opportunity in the $3 billion pool care industry. If you share our dedication to exceptional customer service, have a commitment to providing the best for your customers and understand the value of providing hands­-on ownership in the operation of your own business, give us a call at (800) 535-0778

Pool Services Technologies mobile filtration reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems combine pretreatment vessels and RO systems in a single, self-contained trailer. Our mobile system is a self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with both pretreatment and reverse osmosis capabilities. The mobile trailers are insulation for noise issues and are equipped with a 3-Phase, 480V Diesel Generator.
Pool Services Technologies guarantees the quality of water from its mobile filtration system. Depending upon the size system our mobile filtration trailers can produce up to 40,000 gallons of drinking quality water in a 24-hour period. Seven years ago we had a vision, that vision was to not only purify swimming pool water but also make an impact with water conservation. That vision has become a reality as California and many other areas of the country are dealing with serious drought conditions. The thought of draining a swimming pool was confusing to us so we decided to come up with a solution. That solution was to use reverse osmosis to purify existing water in the swimming pool with minimal water loss. This concept came to life when we made it mobile. This has allowed us to travel around to both residential and commercial pools in the San Diego area. Recycling swimming pool water was just the start but using reverse osmosis to lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and other contaminants with the addition of an insulted trailer has allowed us to use these mobile filtration trailers day and night to get the job done.
The need for this service has never been greater than now. The concept of mobile filtration has been around for a long time but using it to purify swimming pool water is relatively new. As drought conditions continue to rise all over the world the need for trailer-mounted, self-contained, mobile filtration is only going to increase. As we are quickly approaching our seventh year of business we are extremely happy to report that our services are currently booked out through the middle of January 2016. We are extremely thankful for all the support we have received from previous customers, our referral partners, social media followers and business colleagues who have been involved in our business. This is only the beginning for us. Please continue to follow along as we have some exciting new concepts in the works!
Interested in our mobile filtration trailers? Learn how to become a dealer HERE.
Curious as to how our service works? Check out this short video HERE.


Seven years ago we had a vision, that vision was to not only purify swimming pool water but also make an impact with water conservation. That vision has become a reality as California and many other areas of the country are dealing with serious drought conditions. The thought of draining a swimming pool was confusing to us so we decided to come up with a solution. That solution was to use a reverse osmosis to purify existing water in the swimming pool with minimal water loss.

Thanks to Craig Herrera of ABC 10 News in San Diego for writing this great piece and interview on our company.

“A machine is changing the game when it comes to wasting pool water during our drought.

Jeniffer Ball of Pacific Beach is using the new technology after her pool cleaner said she needed to clean her pool water.

“He’s like, you might want to think about cleaning your water,” said Ball.

Her only option was to drain the water, but the surface of the pool can be damaged when the water is out.

“You take the chance of it cracking or buckling or blistering,” said Ball.

She didn’t want to waste all that water, so she looked around and found another option.

She found Bruce Wettstein of Pool Services Technologies.

“This pool is probably about four times harder than we would like to see under ideal conditions,” said Wettstein.

He says it’s what you can’t see that can cause harm.

“She would struggle to really keep this sanitary to have people over and not get sick,” said Wettstein.

Wettstein uses a trailer to clean the pool. Water goes through filters, then a UV light kills almost everything else and then there’s the final step.

“These guys here, which are the reverse osmosis membranes are what are the work horse of this product,” said Wettstein.

Wettstein says you can drink the end product. “This is completely pure water that’s been returned back to the swimming pool.”

It takes about eight hours to clean an average-sized pool. There are about 20,000 gallons of water in Ball’s pool, so she would lose that if she had to drain it all, and then lose another 20,000 gallons to refill it.

With this process she’s only losing about 3,000 gallons of water, and that water is recycled.

“It wants to go back down a sewer clean-out, that way it can go back to the city and it can be processed,” said Wettstein.

Ball feels better knowing her friends and family are in a clean pool.

“So to have a nice clean and safe place for them to play again is really exciting,” said Ball.

The average cost of Weinstein’s process is about $550, but that all depends on how big your pool is.””

If you’re interested in watching the interview, CLICK HERE



When PSTPools started five plus years ago we had a vision of recycling swimming pool water all over the United States. As the years have passed and the water restrictions have increased, this is slowly becoming more of a reality. Since we started, we have conserved more than 17 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. Considering California is in a severe drought, we are extremely proud of these numbers. Over the last year, we’ve sold our mobile filtration trailers to swimming pool professionals in Los Angeles, South San Diego, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City and Dallas. Due to water restrictions the interest level has increased and we hope this blog post explains why purchasing our “Puripool” process mobile filtration trailers is an excellent decision for you.

California is currently in the largest drought in history and the restrictions are tightening up to now include swimming pools. Based upon recent news, certain cities will no longer allow for pools to be built and draining them will mean you can’t fill them back up. However, in those cities they have approved the use of our mobile filtration system which means pretty soon you will be the only resource for those that are forced to drain their swimming pools because of hard water.

Why should I change out my water every two years?

In the Southwest U.S., our fill water is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. As water in the pool evaporates, the hardness minerals stay behind and constantly increase in numbers. As this happens, it causes calcium staining on the water tile line, the equipment and also the liner. Overtime, it also makes it harder to control the chemistry in the swimming pool. So, every two years, it’s suggested to drain and refill your swimming pool. But, with our mobile filtration system that’s no longer necessary. We can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool meaning draining and refilling a swimming pool is now a thing of the past. The technology has been proven and we want to team up with you.

How do I purchase a mobile filtration system for use in my business?

The process is pretty simple to be honest. Our goal is to work with a variety of swimming pool professionals to conserve as much water as possible because, let’s face it, our water issue isn’t going away! There’s a one time fee for us to build and train you on how the “Puripool” process works. After that, you will have access to a sustainable resource and one that will allow swimming pool owners to enjoy their pools for years to come.


Inquire today to learn more about how this add on service for your current business is an extremely wise decision in the face of one of the scariest times because water is slowly disappearing.




This might look like just an ordinary swimming pool to you but for us it holds a lot of significance. One of the divisions of our business is centered around water conservation and it’s something that we take very seriously. About 5 years ago we started a business that is centered around recycling swimming pool water. If you own a swimming pool in the Southwest U.S. it’s recommended that you change out the water in the swimming pool due to high calcium levels every two years. Well, we thought there had to be a better way and built a mobile filtration system that could not only lower calcium levels in swimming pools but would be an excellent alternative to a typical drain and refill.

Now that drought conditions are extremely high across the Southern U.S. our idea has caught on…. We currently have dealerships in California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona. It has been quite a busy 5 years and last week while processing this swimming pool we eclipsed 15 million gallons of water conserved in the San Diego area. Not only did we reach 15 million gallons but we are now processing swimming pool water through our mobile filtration system at the quickest rate since we started our business!! We believe the “Puripool” process is now a need and the smartest decision that is out there when it’s time to change out the water in the swimming pool. Homeowners and commercial property owners have used our “Puripool” process which can conserve up to 40,000 gallons of water in a 24 hour span. We are extremely passionate about what we do and appreciate all the support along the way. Next stop….. Los Angeles!!

Remember, Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool, “Puripool!”



By recycling this swimming pool, we eclipsed the 14 million gallons of water conserved mark.

Even though we started recycling swimming pool water 5 years ago it never ceases to amaze us how we’ve grown. Due to the extreme drought conditions in the California area we knew there was a need for water conservation but the only concern we had was how well homeowners and commercial properties would receive it? We hit a major milestone last week and it’s pretty safe to say that those concerns are over. Our mobile filtration system officially recycled 14 million gallons of swimming pool water and we are extremely excited about that total in 5 years.

In the Southwest U.S. our tap water is extremely hard and loaded with calcium, magnesium and other hardness minerals. This poses many problems for those that own swimming pools. As the water evaporates in the swimming pool the hardness minerals stay behind and remain in solution. When they get to a certain level the calcium starts staining the tiles, the surface of the swimming pool and cause an increase in chemical usage. For the longest time, the only solution was to drain your swimming pool and start over. Even though this seems logical, the fill water is already hard so it only slightly helps the issue. Not to mention, it wastes on average 20,000 gallons of water or more.

We run the swimming pool water through a series of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, which removes all the calcium and other hardness minerals leaving the swimming pool owner with water that is fit to drink. It’s also the largest water conservation project that a homeowner can do. By our constant education, social media presence and advertising it has allowed us to filter a variety of residential swimming pools as well as commercial pools too.

We feel that we are the only solution to removing hardness minerals from swimming pools and that our filtration system should be used every 2 years. Our goal is to manufacture these mobile filtration trailers so others around the country can do this too. We feel that conserving 14 million gallons of water is extremely exciting but also feel strongly that it’s just the beginning. Since drought conditions are increasing beyond California, it has helped us expand into Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

If you’re interested in seeing how this process is done, you can watch this short 2-minute video about the “PuriPool” process. We were also recently featured on San Diego’s CBS affiliate last week because of our water conservation totals.

Your support is vital to us. Water is one of nature’s most precious resource and we feel strongly about our service. Hopefully with these types of numbers our business will continue to be recognized as one of the leaders in water conservation.


Crystal clear water achieved without draining this swimming pool.

It is a question we get asked all the time especially when calcium hardness and total dissolved solids continue to rise in the swimming pool. When the combination of the both of those rise it can be more challenging to take care of a swimming pool…not to mention calcium staining on the water tile line, the liner and the pumps and filters. In the past several years we have filtered numerous swimming pools using our mobile filtration system “PuriPool Process” and have saved more than 13 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. The PuriPool Process gives swimming pool owners an alternative to draining their swimming pools when water gets harder to control. Since we started, we now have dealerships in Dallas Texas, Lake Havasu City Arizona and plan to expand to other cities as well.

Recently, we were called out to a residential swimming pool with a volume of 20,000 gallons of water. The total dissolved solids and calcium hardness was rising in the water and it was suggested that they drain the swimming pool which would not only waste 20,000 gallons of water but also another 20,000 gallons to fill it up with moderately hard water from the tap.

Initial Chemistry

Total Dissolved Solids – 3908 PPM

Calcium Hardness – 870 PPM

Total Alkalinity – 160

After filtering this swimming pool for 16 hours we were able to conserve 85% of the water and leave them with the following end results:

Total Dissolved Solids – 670 PPM

Calcium Hardness – 140 PPM

Total Alkalinity – 70



Last week, Governor Brown declared that California is in a drought emergency.  The announcement came out on January 17th because California is on record to have the driest January on record.  When you read the article and watch the video the same discussion seems to happen all the time. If you have grass…switch to desert landscaping and cut back on your water usage by 20%. Do these ideas make sense? Sure they do because it’s the most commonly thought of plan when it’s time to save water. About 5 years ago we knew this was going to happen. It was pretty obvious that California was heading down this path but as usual the emergency always happens and they want residents to make changes right away.

Why not have people in place that are forward thinkers? Why not listen to some of the business ideas that are out there that can truly make a difference? There are a ton of water conservation ideas out there which include washing cars only on certain days, watering your lawn only on specific days, the dual flush toilet along with others. Well, the biggest question that we feel needs to be answered is why not think about the largest body of water in a majority of peoples backyards? Yes folks we are talking about swimming pools that average 20,000 gallons of water in them. It’s not rocket science to think that they use a ton of water. So why not implement pool covers to save water? Why not make it a requirement to test your swimming pool for leaks every year? In the end it always comes down to washing cars and the landscaping.

Are we biased? Maybe but the statistics prove themselves. On a small budget, not a lot of marketing and no support from the state we have conserved more than 10 million gallons of water in California over the last 5 years. Due to the hard water, it’s recommended to drain your swimming pool every two years to prevent long term damage to the swimming pool and equipment from calcium buildup. We designed a mobile filtration system that is an alternative to draining pools. It recycles swimming pool water and returns the water to the pool in a much better state than tap water. If the state put a moratorium on draining pools, think about how much water we would save? Is it only us or does this make sense to you too?


Who doesn’t want a sparkling clean pool without having to do it yourself?

It has been a little over five years since Pool Services Technologies opened its doors in the San Diego area. We initially started out with our unique “PuriPool Process” which is an alternative to draining swimming pools due to high hardness levels in the swimming pool. Bruce Wettstein who is the President of Pool Services Technologies has been building swimming pools for quite sometime which we implemented and then finally we opened an eCommerce division as well. These three divisions have been doing extremely well and we are happy with the growth but it always seemed like something was missing.  What that is you might ask??? Well, in the beginning, weekly pool service and maintenance was not on our immediate radar but after numerous requests from current customers it seemed like the most logical division to open up next.

From a marketing aspect, it makes perfect sense. Constantly being in backyards with swimming pools keeps us in the forefront of our customer’s mind and since we have a variety of services the goal is to gain their trust so we can take care of all aspects of their swimming pool. Not to mention we were regularly getting requests from our current “PuriPool” customers on why we didn’t offer weekly service and maintenance? As of right now we are just servicing swimming pools in the San Diego area. The following is a list of services that are included in our weekly service:

  1. Brushing the tile line and sides of the swimming pool
  2. Brushing the steps, islands, benches and love seats
  3. Removal of all debris on the surface of the pool and on the floor as well
  4. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  5. Checking water chemistry
  6. Adjusting all chemicals that are necessary
  7. Visual inspection of all filter equipment and pumps/motors in search for leaks.
  8. Backwash as necessary
Brushing the walls of the swimming pool

Brushing the walls of the swimming pool

As a company that prides itself on a higher level of water chemistry knowledge this plays a vital role in making sure the swimming pool is operating at its best at all times. This also allows us to make any suggestions necessary when the pool is not operating at maximum efficiency. Our knowledge goes beyond just chemistry and we have the ability to make repairs to all swimming pool equipment as well. PSTPools considers itself to be the VIP in pool service by providing you will all the services necessary to feel safe when hiring us so in the end you can use your swimming pool for what it was intended for…..swimming!

Skimming a swimming pool for leaves and other debris.

Skimming a swimming pool for leaves and other debris.

With that said, if you want a clean swimming pool with properly adjusted chemistry along with the best quality of water at all times then please give us a call today.


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