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Start HERE! Before You POST!

If you feel that you are about ready to post and ask some questions, taking the time to post the following will allow us to help you better and faster.

Please provide us with the city and state in which you live. Your climate is important for us to be able to advise you properly, and having this info in your profile allows us to easily refer to it.


Just like your location, the following information about your pool is helpful:
1) Please put the size of your pool, in gallons.
2) Please put the type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge) for your pool.
3) Please let us know if your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground)
4) If it is in ground, please tell us if it’s vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass.
5) Please tell us, if you know, the size of your pump and the size (flow rate) of your filter.

By doing this, the information in your signature will show up each time you post, and will help us quickly see what you have to work with.

If you need to change your profile or signature, see the User Control Panel link, located just below the Pool Care 101 logo at the top left of the forum. Select the profile link, under Options, and you can then edit your location. To edit your signature, click on Edit Signature, again under Options, and you can then change your signature.

If you are asking for Help
If you are starting a thread and asking for help with a specific issue, please include the following in your initial post:

Test Results. There is nothing more important than current, valid test results. Here’s what we need:

FC – Free Chlorine
CC – Combined Chlorine
pH – Potential of Hydrogen (not that you needed to know that!)
TA – Total Alkalinity
CH – Calcium Hardness
CYA – Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer, conditioner)
Borates – (but only if you are using borates)

You will find that only the better kits have all of these tests. We believe that the Taylor Technologies K2006-C is the most comprehensive kit available, at a reasonable price. If you don’t have a test kit with all of those tests, you can purchase one here: http://www.pstpoolsupplies.com. Many pool stores offer water testing, if you do not or cannot test yourself. Please do not rely on test strips, as they tend to vary widely in accuracy.

If you cannot post these results, please do not ignore that fact, and just let us know you can not post test numbers. If you can post only some, that is still helpful, and just tell us you cannot post the others. If you forget, we will ask! It’s not a big deal to ask, but it will delay us in getting you the help you desire, as nothing will help us solve your water chemistry issues quicker than current test results.

Please tell us how your water looks; is it crystal clear, cloudy, or green? Also, please let us know how long it has looked like that. Has it been green for 2 days or two months? This makes a big difference in the advice we give on helping you get it cleaned up.

As a recap; add your information to your signature so it always shows up, and post your current water condition, as well as those ever important test results! Omitting this information will only delay a response and hamper our ability to give effective, accurate advice. We want you back swimming as quickly as you do!