November 4, 2013

Guest Post – 5 Fun Solar Powered Pool Additions

Who says that electricity and water don’t mix? In the traditional sense, that statement may be true. However, it’s not likely that you’ll lug the flat […]
October 28, 2013

Big News – We Just Recycled More Than 10 Million Gallons of Water

Even though we started recycling swimming pool water 5 years ago it never ceases to amaze us how we’ve grown. Due to the drought conditions in […]
October 14, 2013

Why It Might Be Time To Invest In A Safety Cover For Your Pool

You’ve probably closed your pool for years without incident. As you go through the offseason your traditional tarp-style winter cover does a pretty good job of […]
September 30, 2013

A Plea To Not Drain Your Swimming Pool

As fall approaches in the swimming pool industry the amount of people that drain their swimming pools due to hard water issues increases substantially. When outside […]
September 16, 2013

Importance of A Swimming Pool Cleaner

For most people just having a swimming pool is considered a luxury. Swimming can be great for exercise, relaxation, entertaining and turning your backyard into a […]
September 2, 2013

As Winter Approaches, A Heater Can Extend Your Swim Season

Now that Labor Day is here, it’s time to start thinking about winter time and swimming pools. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about […]
August 19, 2013

Liquid Pool Covers

As August quickly flies by and Labor Day approaches, the reality of another summer being over starts to settle in. It seems like just yesterday we […]
August 12, 2013

Pool Automation is Fun and A Reality with iAquaLink

Having a swimming pool is a luxury and something that most everyone in warm summer climates enjoy having in their backyard. Being able to automate a […]
August 5, 2013

The Purpose of Our Dealership Model

About five years ago we felt the need to develop a revolutionary mobile filtration system for the swimming pool industry. Living in the Southwest U.S. where […]
July 29, 2013

Guest Post – How to Finance Your Swimming Pool Mobile Filtration Trailer via – @BalboaCapital

This blog post was written exclusively for Pool Services Technologies by small business loan provider Balboa Capital. Here at Pool Services Technologies (PST Pools), we offer […]