How to use the sun to keep your pool clean

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November 6, 2017
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How to use the sun to keep your pool clean

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the sun to keep a pool clean is to use a solar cover. While installing solar panels can help you drastically cut pool heating costs, a solar pool cover is a much cheaper way to reduce the cost of maintaining your pool. The main purpose of a solar cover is to stem against evaporation. Evaporation can dramatically alter the cleanliness of a pool by affecting chemicals in the water.

Some outdoor pools in North America lose all of their water in a single season due to evaporation. As water evaporates from a pool, chemicals that are used to keep water clean and algae free can disappear or be reduced in amount.

Aside from protecting against evaporation, solar covers also heat swimming pools by collecting UV rays and then transmitting the heat to the water. By serving as an intermediary between the sun and water, a solar cover harnesses the power of solar rays in a manner that will not affect chemicals like chlorine as much.

Chlorine also breaks down rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight. The use of a solar cover is a great way to use the power of the sun in a manner that will not impede efforts to keep pool water clean and clear.

The amount of chemicals going into a pool usually corresponds to the water level and the pool’s capacity. If water evaporation is occurring, there could be a chemical imbalance in the remaining water that could render the substances ineffective. For example, an imbalance of chlorine due to evaporation is going to lead to an unclean pool because algae and bacteria will thrive.

Plus, low levels of a chemical like chlorine might lead pool owners to purchase shock to try and stem against algae buildup. The problem is the shock itself has to be properly removed, which can be a big commitment of time and energy depending on the circumstances.

The use of a solar cover helps stem water evaporation and preserves the integrity of pool chemicals. It’s been estimated the use of a solar cover could reduce chemical consumption up to 60%. The use of a solar cover could also be deployed in conjunction with adding cyanuric acid to water. This helps chlorine last longer by diffusing UV rays.

As a solar cover is taking in energy from the sun, it also serves as a blocking device against debris. Solar covers come in all shapes and sizes, from general plastic and vinyl tarps, to one specifically made for a pool.

Laying a solar cover over a pool prevents debris like grass, leaves, insects, rocks, and garbage from falling into the pool. Instead, the debris will simply sit on top of the tarp and can easily be swept or brushed off.

This can save a lot of time and energy. With a solar cover installed, there’s no need for fancy cleaning equipment or long nets to catch debris.

One of the best solar covers to use are liquid solar pool covers. These covers are environmentally friendly, safe for kids and pets, and are super easy to set up. All a pool owner has to do is pour the liquid in the water and the cover expands on the surface automatically.

Guest Post by Patrick Dowling of PowerScout.

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