Recommended Startup Procedures for PebbleTec

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September 25, 2017
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Recommended Startup Procedures for PebbleTec

When it comes to your new PebbleTec or PebbleSheen interior finish, following the recommended startup procedures is extremely important. In the end, this could be the difference between the warranty covering damage or not. The interior finish in the first month is extremely sensitive to water chemistry and falling outside the guidelines could void any warranty. That’s why we decided to write a blog post about it to inform you of the “break-in” period, the startup process, the fill, adjusting the water chemistry and how often to brush it. In the end, the recommended startup procedures for PebbleTec and other similar interior finishes are extremely important to follow and we hope this information helps you.

Break-In Period

The break-in period refers to the time directly after the interior finish was installed. This period ends as soon as the enhancing process is complete and builder turns it over to you for startup.


The startup process includes following all directions extremely close. In this period there will be frequent water testing, brushing, and chemical balancing. Since the interior finish develops most of its durability in the first month that is approximately how long the startup process will last.

The Fill

This process includes filling the pool all the way up to mid tile line with no interruptions. DO NOT FILL UP THE POOL WITH SOFT WATER AND DON’T STOP THE FLOW OF WATER BECAUSE THIS CAN CAUSE A “WATERLINE” MARK ON THE INTERIOR FINISH. You will also want to turn on the filtration equipment and run it for a minimum of five (5) days.

Adjusting Water Chemistry

After you fill up the swimming pool you will want to make sure the water chemistry falls within the acceptable ranges listed below for the first month:

  • pH – 7.0-7.4
  • Total Alkalinity – 70-100ppm
  • Calcium Hardness – 150-250ppm
  • Chlorine – 1-3ppm
  • CYA – 30-50ppm

During this time you will also want to brush the interior finish three times a day for the first three days and twice a day for the next ten days! You also don’t want to use any pool cleaner with wheels. Do your best to adhere to the above values and recommendations because failure to do so will void the warranty!

Please note, the above values and recommendations are pretty standard but anytime you install a new interior finish make sure to adhere closely to them.



  1. Kosala Samarasinghe says:

    When can you turn up the water to 104?

  2. Don says:

    What will happen if you dont brush your pool for the first few days?

  3. Teresa Ross says:

    Do you let the pool sit empty for a period of time “to harden” before filling the pool? We were not given written instructions to follow, with water immediately started. Have never had a black algae in pool but now do after pebble application. What is the solution?

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