Taylor Test Kits Are The Best for Water Chemistry Accuracy

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July 31, 2017
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When it comes time to test your pool water chemistry, Taylor swimming pool test kits are the best for water chemistry accuracy. Do you personally take care of your swimming pool or have you hired a weekly pool service? Are you a do it yourself kind of homeowner who likes to be able to take care of things that are in your house? Either way, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with Taylor test kits! In today’s swimming pool industry there are a variety of ways to test chemistry levels in your swimming pool and we highly recommend Taylor swimming pool test kits. Taylor test kits are going to be the most reliable and frankly, the only way to go. With that said, we hope that this blog post gives you some understanding on why buying a Taylor pool test kit will always be the way to go. Not to mention, making sure your weekly pool service uses this type of test equipment too!

Taking a water sample into a pool store will always be the easiest but there are so many variables that can make that more challenging. For example, it takes time out of your day to drive there, depending on where you go the person testing your water might not be very well educated and it has been proven that if you go to a variety of different pool stores, you are most definitely going to get a variety of answers. That’s why if you understand how to test the water using Taylor swimming pool test kits it can make your life a lot easier and you are going to get the most accurate results. With Taylor test kits you can test for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness, cyanuric acid (CYA), and so much more! Without a doubt, switching to Taylor test kits will give you the most accurate results and they are easy to use. This is why we highly recommend them!

Taylor test kits for swimming pools have been around since the late 1960’s, but the company has been around since 1930. They are extremely popular in the industry and have a wide range of testing products from basic test kits to complete test kits. One of the biggest benefits of using Taylor test kits is that they¬†use titration for testing accuracy. This is where you count the drops used, instead of relying on a visual color comparison which provides a larger range for miscalculation. This will give you pin point accuracy when it comes to reading numbers.

Our sister company, PST Pool Supplies, “has a comprehensive supply of test kits for swimming pools & spas at discounted prices. It is important to test your waters for chlorine, phosphate, hardness, bromine, & pH regularly. By using industry-trusted brands like Taylor technologies you get quality tests and complete professional results.”


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