How To Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Easy Steps!

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July 3, 2017
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How To Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Easy Steps!

Keep Your Pool Clean In Easy Steps

Keeping your pool in pristine condition for everyone to see their reflection at the bottom of the water does not require a lot of work. What’s even better is that it doesn’t even require a lot of time if you just do it right. The key here is consistency. Here are a few easy ways you can add to your life that will keep your pools looking blue and the smiles facing the skies.


Tip #1: Skimming And Brushing

As a pool owner, this is essentially the bare minimum that everyone has to do. The plus side to doing this is the time saved for professional cleaning, and also the money. Hiring someone to maintain your pool is incredibly expensive, and not to mention that it can cost you a lot of time as well. But, if you’re willing to drive yourself to your nearest pool equipment store, you can easily buy a pool skimmer for dirt cheap, and start keeping your pool clean that very same day. For all the lazy people, the good news is that this doesn’t have to be done every day and the benefit is that it doesn’t take very long.


Tip #2: Treat Your Pool Like Your Floors—Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

If you’ve ever been sheltered by 4 walls surrounding you, you’ll know that having the best pool sweepers or pool vacuum is perhaps one of the greatest inventions ever brought to the household. However, not only do vacuums work for normal house floors, but they also apply to pool floors as well. Driving to your nearest pool equipment store, you should easily be able to find a pool vacuum that fits your needs and budget. After all, if you don’t vacuum the pool floor, would you rather prefer sweeping it instead?


Tip #3: You Don’t Need To Be A Chemist To Manage Your Chemicals

Like anything in life that involves more than two bodies at a time, proper sanitary precautions must be taken. With a pool, because you’ll never know what your visitors may bring with them to the open water, it’s important to make sure that the water you put yourself into, is clean at all times.


Part of keeping your pool clean isn’t making sure that it looks clean, but it has to be chemically clean too. You can easily purchase a pH tester at your local pool equipment store to take into account the pH level of your pool’s waters. Remember, that the pH level of your pool should always be between 7.2 and 7.6. Anything lower or higher than that range is a no-no. If that’s the case, you can always purchase a pH reducer or increaser, making sure that your pool is properly managed.


Tip #4: Two Words—Pool Filter

It’s 2017 and if we’re able to fly to the moon, someone must have invented something that will automatically help us clean our pools. Luckily for all of us, there is— a pool filter. These are highly accessible and affordable at your local pool store, and will automatically help you maintain your pool at a very high standard. Remember to backwash your filter often to make sure that you remove any lingering debris or dirt. The last thing any owner wants is having their pool filter clogged up.


Tip #5: Keep Your Water Soft

Many people aren’t aware of this fact but water can become hard if it is not taken care of. As pool water evaporates, and it will, calcium and magnesium are left behind as by-products. As a result, these two leftover chemicals will increase the hardness of the water. To keep your pool clean and your water soft, utilize Pool Service Technologies Puripool Process to lower calcium hardness without draining the swimming pool!

Tip #6: Keep A Water Testing Kit Nearby

One of the most underrated items for pool maintenance is a water testing kit. Keeping one of these items nearby in your house is quite handy as it tells you when to be alert to your pool or not. A water testing kit will test the water and let you know whether or not the pH, alkalinity, or calcium hardness are all in the right range.


Tip #7: One Word—Chlorine

Our last tip to help you keep your pool clean, is last but not least, chlorine. If you’ve ever been in a pool, you’ll certainly recognize the smell that’s burrowed itself under your pores—it’s chlorine. Chlorine acts as a sanitizing agent that’s useful and necessary for pool water because it cleans but also eliminates bacteria. With so many bodies in the pool water, it’s absolutely important to have chlorine in your water at all times. Without chlorine, you’ll have many of your guests in shock as bathing in a pool with so many other bodies without a cleaning agent is simply horrendous.

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