Reverse Osmosis Mobile Trailer For Sale

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February 3, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Our current 40,000 gpd mobile filtration trailer

Trailer For Sale!

Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration Trailer For Sale

Pure Water Industries is the division of our company that manufactures mobile filtration trailers. They are currently selling their original mobile filtration trailer. All the details are below…….

“Are you in the market to begin offering mobile filtration Reverse Osmosis pool water purification to your customers? In the last 5 years, Pure Water Industries (A Division of Pool Services Technologies) has manufactured 20 mobile filtration trailers for our Service Providers in California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. We currently offer three different sized units (20K, 30K and 40K commercial) for purchase.

We have decided to sell the first unit we ever built. It is a 20? trailer that houses our 40K commercial sized Reverse Osmosis unit inside; meaning it can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water each day. The Reverse Osmosis unit is housed in the original trailer that we have been using to filter swimming pool water for the last eight years. The trailer is in good condition, the Reverse Osmosis unit will include a new set of filtration membranes and all other parts are in great working condition. This includes all pumps, motors, plumbing and the diesel generator. Some of the features of this trailer are:

Trailer – (Grey)

102” X 20’, 12K, 6,000 lbs. Tandem Axle with Trailer Brakes

  • 36” Lockable Side Access RV Door
  • Lockable Bulkhead Hose Distribution Center
  • Barn Door Style Rear Access With Key Lock
  • 50A Lifeline Door
  • 110 Volt AC Power Transformer and Convenience Package

RO System

P-TP-Series/40K Series

  • ABS control panel, NEMA 4X electrical enclosure.
  • Microprocessor control from feed tank low, pre-treat, low feed press, product tank full.
  • Brine, recirculation and product flows and product TDS monitored through the microprocessor and high TDS.
  • Sampling valves for each vessel.
  • Two gauges for vessel array in-out and two filter in-out are stainless steel case, internals and glycerin filled, all mounted on the front panel.
  • Pre-filter is stainless steel housing with 2? FNPT ports for one each number 2 filter bag, 10 microns.
  • Brine and re-circulation valves are 316 stainless steel, globe type mounted in the last vessel brine line.
  • Plumbing: Schedule. 80 PVC. Fitting types and hose best suited for purpose.
  • The main pump wetted parts are all 316 stainless steel.
  • Skid frame is powder coated steel with accommodation for multimedia filter, boost, and injection pumps.
  • Boost pump is StaRite 2.5 HP.
  • Injection systems are 0-6 GPD pumps mounted on a 30-gallon tank for antiscalant and sodium meta-bisulfite.
  • UV is 40 GPM stainless steel unit with lamp monitor. (STANDARD FEATURE)


PE-21Kv Turbo Diesel Generator, 480V, 3 Phase

Warranty on Trailer

We will warranty the trailer for 3 months.



If you are interested in upgrading to the latest automation and remote texting software, the purchase price would be $80,000.00. 

Contact us today if you have more questions or if you would like to make an appointment to see the trailer. 1-800-535-0778″

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