Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Swim Season?

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Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Swim Season?



We just hit May and for many of us that signifies the start of swimming pool season, which is always a great time of year. It is the time where swimming pool owners begin thinking about pool get togethers, weekends relaxing by the pool, BBQ’s and of course much warmer temperatures. This is also the time where people start wondering how to get their swimming pool prepared for swim season We hope this blog post gives you some tips on what you can do to make it simple and easy.

First and foremost, we recommend hiring a reputable swimming pool company to come in and do a thorough inspection of the swimming pool. Familiarize yourself with the following steps as they are going to be key to making sure your swimming pool is ready:

  • Check all the plumbing and equipment for leaks (If you have any bubbling or even a small leak, it should be fixed immediately to prevent problems down the line and when service repair companies are slammed during the summer months).
  • Have your filter cleaned (clean the grids of a DE or cartridge filter and inspect the sand in the sand filter).
  • Check the swimming pool for leaks (most of the country is having severe drought issues so this is extremely important and you might need a different company to help out with this).
  • Ensure the water chemistry is all within optimal levels, mainly chlorine (this should increase as water temperature increases), calcium hardness, CYA, phosphates and pH.
  • Check the motor, pumps and filters to make sure they are running properly, o-rings are lubed and gaskets are sealed.
  • Increase running times of the pump and motor.

Depending on your comfort level, this might also be an optimal time to look into hiring a reputable swimming pool company that can service your pool weekly so you can enjoy it without any hassles. If you do, make sure they check all of the above to set your mind at ease before you start using your swimming pool more!

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