Vietnam Memorial To Honor Lives Lost

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July 13, 2015
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Vietnam Memorial To Honor Lives Lost


It was an honor that we couldn’t refuse and something we are extremely happy to be a part of. We were asked to help build a Vietnam Memorial and for us it was an amazing gesture of our support to be a part of something this great! Unfortunately, numerous families lost loved ones due to Vietnam. A local family has worked tirelessly for decades to create a memorial for their son and brother as well as for all others that made the ultimate sacrifice. Because of their effort, the memorial is being built and there will be a “soft opening” on Saturday, April 9th with the dedication happening on April 24th.


Memorial Fountain Construction

“In May 2000, Carl, a Vista developer, donated a 3/4-acre parcel of land at Guajome and Mercantile streets to the city of Vista with the agreement it would be used for the war memorial park. In 2011, the city, lacking the funding for development, offered to swap the Guajome street parcel with a 40,000-square-foot property that sits between the train tracks and South Santa Fe Avenue near the newly built Paseo Pointe apartment complex. The Paseo Point developers agreed to build and maintain the lushly landscaped park. The project which will feature a life-size bronze statue of a serviceman reading a letter from home and will be lined with paving stones engraved with passages from letters to home from Vietnam. These were written by Ernie and other North County servicemen and women. A rendition of the memorial was under a canopy pinned to the chain link fence that surrounds the site where the memorial will be constructed. The rendition shows the bronze statue by Oregon sculptor Rip Caswell that the family commissioned. The bronze figure of a young soldier will be seated near a waterfall and pond. The one foot will dangle in the pond. The most unique attribute will be the paving stones that will be engraved with letter excerpts and randomly placed along the walkways.”

Building this fountain is a great honor of ours. To be involved with this great cause has been extremely rewarding and we look forward to the full dedication on April 24th. If you are interested in reading the full article about the memorial and dedication click HERE!


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