Five Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Safer

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September 15, 2015
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Five Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Safer


Few things are as worrisome as exposing kids to unsecured swimming pools. The chance of risk or injury, or even death to children increases when they have to live in such an environment. Therefore, it behooves you as the pool owner to secure it as a precaution against such risks. Consider the following five tips to enhance the safety of your swimming pool and keep it as a safe and fun environment for everyone.

1. Teach Your Kids to Swim

Once children reach age 4, it’s prudent to teach them to swim. Can children take formal lessons before their fourth birthday? No. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children below that age are not able to hold their breath voluntarily for a certain amount of time.

Swimming lessons are instrumental in honing the kids’ skills and getting them comfortable in the pool. Among the questions to ask before attempting to teach kids to swim include:

  • How emotionally mature are the children?
  • Are the children frequently exposed to the pool?
  • Do the kids have physical limitations that could impede their learning?

Once children learn to take a dip on their own, the likelihood of drowning decreases. However, do not assume that once children have developed their swimming skills that they are home and dry.

2. Provide Constant Supervision

Always supervise children when they are in the pool. The fact that children have learned to swim does not mean they are drown-proof. The AAP cautions that even advanced swimming skills are not sufficient enough to safeguard children around the pool. Provide other layers of protection in order to ascertain their safety. Similarly, avoid distractions that could prevent you from supervising the kids as they swim.


3. Install A Removable Mesh Pool Fence

A removable mesh pool fence features aluminum poles that are very sturdy and a mesh that is difficult to tear. Once the pool fence is in place, its high tension prevents children from removing it on their own. Kids love to try out new things and in their curiosity, may try to clamber over the fence to access the pool. However, it’s highly unlikely that they would make their way over the pool fence as it does not feature slats or supports for their feet. In fact, given their efficacy, mesh pool fences are popular in foster care and social service centers where kids are placed. Similarly, such fences satisfy building code requirements, an aspect that attests to their ability to secure your home’s swimming pool.


4. Hire Knowledgeable Contractors

Hire licensed electricians to install equipment such as pool heating systems. This ensures the experts adhere to safety codes and assures you of the pool’s safety. Likewise, seek a professional swimming pool contractor’s input before installing a diving board or slide. While involving experts seems costly, the benefits far outweigh the costs. It ensures that your kids can enjoy using a safe pool without concerns regarding the integrity of pool fixtures and equipment.

5. Ensure Children Adhere To Pool Rules

Pool rules help to keep your kids safe and prevent exposure to certain risks. Even children are naturally hesitant to follow certain rules, so teach them the essence of adhering to the rules you set for them when are around the pool. These rules include:

  • Keeping electrical appliances away from the pool to eliminate the risk of shock
  • Cautioning kids against playing rough or showing off to their friends in the pool
  • Keeping toys away from the pool as a toddler may trip on them and fall into the pool
  • Never shove others into the pool

Adopting these tips will be integral to your children’s safety while they use the pool and when it’s not in use. In doing so your peace of mind will be restored and most importantly, your children’s safety will be assured.

Thanks to Lloyd Lee of All-Safe Pool Fence and Covers for sharing these tips on our blog.

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  1. Jade Brunet says:

    I appreciate this information about the tips to making your pool safer. It is good to know that one should install a removable pool fence. Learning that these fences are difficult to tear is beneficial. I think it is also a good idea put up a temporary fence while installing the pool to keep children safe and away from construction.

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